Monday, November 2, 2009

Getting better I promise!

Ok so I know I haven't been on here much and that I haven't been consistent at all. I am changing all that now. hahaha.

So I am going to do a Blog a Day!

Starting now I am doing a Thankful for blog a day. I am hoping to get creative and also to hopefully remind myself of what I have and how good I have it!

So here goes....

Today November 2,

I am thankful for my health. So many people are sick this season and Knock on wood we have all avoided it. We got Cannon his shots and are waiting a few more weeks to get ours. Cannon is responding to the shots well. There have been so many people around her that have had the Flu that I am just so glad that we haven't gotten sick.

I will also include a picture a day. here is one from our front porch fall decorations.

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Jami said...

Oh, my goodness! She lives!! And, wow, you really went all out on the front porch decor my friend, very nice! Amen on the health thing, I'm knocking on wood, myself.