Friday, March 6, 2009

For Today... Date Night!

So we are going to GJ today to see my friend Juli in Guys and Dolls One of my All time favorite plays. I can't wait to see her in the role of Adalide. For those of you who don't know yet I am in the local Production of Cinderella that will start on the 15th of May. I am so excited to get back on the stage. I am playing JOY one of the stepsisters and I have so much fun being EVIL! I will let you all know how the show is progressing. I can't wait to see the final finished product. So here is to having a date night with my hubby.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Normal is...

For Mama Kat's Writing assignment.... Thanks Lindsey!

Normal is...
Unusual. When I was very young I always thought that I was NORMAL. Then as I got older and into school where kids talk about their families and lives I realized that my family was far from the idea of Normal that the people around me had. I grew up an only child in a world of Siblings. I grew up without a Father in a world of mother/father families. I grew up in a townhouse in a world of Single family homes. I grew up without a Yard and all my friends had grass and swingsets. I grew up with a working mother who had to put me in daycare in a world of SAHM's. I realized quickly that I was an Odd-ball or as my mother told me UNIQUE. Normal for me NOW is all the things I didn't have... I am a SAHM living in a Single family home with acreage and a swingset. I live there with the Father of my son and we want at least 2 more children. Now I know that NORMAL IS WHAT YOU MAKE IT!!!!!

Getting Older:(

So We went to the park today and I am just amazed with all the new things Cannon can do. He is just getting so big. He climbed all the way to the top of the big slide and went down all by himself today... Just 3 days ago at the same park he could not achieve this feat. I am just so in awe of how quickly the kids grow and how awesome it is to see him do these things daily. He was so proud of himself that he just had to do more... He then went to the merry-go-round and decided that he was big boy enough to stand up while it was going around. I am just so glad that my dream of becoming a mom came true and it's the cherry on top having the worlds best little boy!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Ok So it has been a while.... lots has happened in the last few months. So in Feb we took Bug to Disneyland in CA and he had a BLAST. It was so fun to see one of my favorite places through his little eyes. He is doing wonderfully and just growing and getting smarter everyday. He is now 18 1/2 months old and it seems like just yesterday he was still in my big ol' belly. At his 18 month appointment he weighed in at 26lbs 9oz and was 33 1/2 inches tall. He is so smart and knows how to get his way already. He has about 50 words that he can sign and only says a few words. He says bubble, mama, daddy, yia yia, yes, no, and OG which is Dog. he is working so hard at his animal sounds. My favorite that he does is the Horse. I will try to get a video of the horse noise and put it up here. Kris is getting all geared up to go back to AK this summer and we are looking forward to the paychecks that will come with that. Here are a few pictures of Bug in Disneyland for you to see. I PROMISE I will try really hard to update this better.

Here is the Slideshow from Disneyland! Enjoy!