Wednesday, October 1, 2008

supposed to be cleaning!

But that is no fun so now that the dining room and Kitchen are done I am going to write. Kris and I just spent 5 days away from Cannon. It was my first time leaving him overnight anywhere. My mom watched him and all was well but it still got to me. We went to Las Vegas for a conference/ Mine Expo for Kris' job. It was really neat to see what he does and to see all the big equipment. I love Vegas and we had a great time. We went to see David Copperfield and he was really cool. It just sucked that Bug couldn't go too. Kris is looking at jobs in Mexico, Kentucky, and West Virginia for the Fall then back to Alaska in the spring and summer. we are going to Vancouver BC this November for another Trade show so that will be fun. we get to bring bug along for that one!!! I am subbing still and loving it. I like that I can Choose when and where I want to work. My cousin is getting married in 2 weeks and I am in the Wedding so we will be in Ft. Collins for that. Other than that not a whole lot going on here! Here are some pictures of the Mine Show and Vegas! ENJOY!!!!!

This is one of the Big TRUCKS that drives in and around the mines.
That is Kris in the Blue Shirt with my SIL Tracy on top of the big trucks!
Bad Picture of us on the bridge to NYNY!
Big Kid Time for mommy and Aunt Tracy.  We got a little drunk on top of the statosphere!

Our friends Cathy and Chris, KRIS, Tracy and Kenny.  

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Jamie said...

It was great to hear from you and see your family! Can't believe how long it's been! It's so good to reconnect and catch up. Your family is beautiful! Keep in touch :)