Monday, October 6, 2008


So I have come to know my favorite TV series as more true life that I had thought before.  I have always coveted Lorelei Gilmore as one in the same with my mother but more recently I have noticed STRANGE coincidences in my small town to those of Stars Hallow.  For instance we have a Town Troubadour.  No it is not a young struggling musician, but rather a woman in her 60s that we refer to as CRAZY JUDY!  She sings all along Main St. and gives daily "performances" at the local wal-mart.  We also have ALMOST as many festivals as the town of Stars Hallow.  In the last 4 months I think we have been to 15 festivals in our area.  Apple fest, Corn fest, Fall Fest, County Fair, Strawberry fest, wine fest.....  and so on!  Anyway so we live in a make-believe town surrounded by characters that only movie writers could imagine.  I love my little town and wouldn't trade it.  I am so glad Cannon will be Raised here! 


Lindsay said...

How fun! I should move there too! It would always be interesting, right?

Caitlin Dawn said...

Hooray for Gilmore Girls!! I love you even more Robin, now that I know you enjoy Gilmore Girls so much!!!