Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A day at the Patch!

So this last weekend we went to our local Pumpkin Patch.  We had so much fun watching Cannon walk around and look at all the cool stuff.  He loved the horses and the hay ride.  His favorite thing though was the patch itself.  He walked and ran around the pumpkins and Vines and just loved looking at all the different colors.  He is so Inquisitive.  I love this age.  Any way so here are a few pictures from the day at the Patch!  Enjoy!

Looking at the pumpkins at the patch!
Bug and daddy with Gus the Clydesdale!
Bug and Dad on top of the Hay Pyrimyd.
Looking for his pumpkin!

"I found the one I want Mom"  the ground hadn't froze yet so we had to pick from the pre cut ones... we will go back just before Halloween and get the ones that we want to carve.

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Caitlin Dawn said...

I feel like he has a lot more hair now. Random thought, I know. These are very fun pictures!