Saturday, January 17, 2009

My baby is now a BIG BOY!!!qa

Ok so at Target the other day we got Cannon some big boy undies! they were Cheap so I bought 4 packages of them (Handy Manny and Mickey Mouse) So today I thought since they came out of the wash that I would try them on bug to see how they fit. Well as you can see they fit him GREAT! They are a size 4T so they shouldn't Fit him as well as they do. But anyway on to the BIG NEWS!!! I gave him some milk after he had been in the undies for an hour or so and then thought to myself... I should sit him on the Potty and see what happens... so I did and he sat there reading a book and after a min or so he got up and low and behold my BIG BOY went Potty (and a lot) in his big boy potty. I am so proud and so sad at the same time. I can't wait for him to grow up but still want him to stay so small... Oh I guess the joys of Toddlerum are among us.


Jami said...

Time to have another one! ;)

Lindsay said...

Yay for Cannon! I LOVE the picture so much!! Aren't their bums so adorable when in underwear as oppossed to diapers! Oh they get so big so fast!!