Friday, December 5, 2008

Christmas time is here!

So tonight we went to the Parade of lights with our friends the Gronke's . It was tons of fun but super cold. Bug looked so cute in his snow suit. He was having a great time and loved the lights on the floats and the MUSIC. He was dancing in his stroller with every band or musical float that went by.

Getting ready to go!!!

We also put up the tree and it is not doing well.  Bug is so into the ornaments that we have had to move them ALL to the tip top of the tree.  He also discovered CANDY CANES....  He has taken 8 off the tree since Sunday and has eaten them ALL.  He even got one down from the top of the tree by moving his rocking chair over to the tree and climbed up to the candy cane and stuck it in his mouth and came to me and said HUMMPH!! and walked away as if to say HAHAHA I got one and you can't have it.   Here are a few pictures of the tree.

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Andy and Erica Christianson said...

How cute is bug in his snowsuit! I love your tree- it looks just like mine, all the ornaments at the top :-) Miss you!!!