Wednesday, November 5, 2008

History for the Historian!

OK so being a History major in College I sat and watched last night like the rest of America, Anxious to see what would become of the presidential race.  Though things didn't go the way that I wanted we did witness History.  We as a nation elected the first man of color to run our country.  This is also true, that we could have elected the first Woman to be our Vice President.  AMAZING because not more than 100 years ago Women as well as Men of color were not allowed to participate in the choice of our nations leader.  For Historical reasons I do believe we as a Nation have WON!!!  

As for me personally I am a bit worried.  I consider myself a fairly Highly educated woman and knowing what I know of the "Changes" that may occur I have to step back and wonder if Carl Marx had a Major influence on Obama in school.  It seems as if he took sections straight out of Marx's Communist Manifesto and used them for his "Change" ideas.  I am not saying that he is going to turn us into a Communist society but some of his platforms lead in a very socialist direction and quite frankly it scares the crap out of me.  I don't believe that I should have to pay for people who don't take the time and energy to find work...  I know that we are in a recession and that jobs aren't readily available but I also know that in my small town there are HIRING signs up EVERYWHERE!  I also don't want to lose the lively hood that I have now and the way I see the president elect going with Drilling and Mining on our own soil I am afraid that I may just do that.  Kris My VERY DEMOCRAT husband is also a bit tense about this now.  We have a nice life and I love my country but some things that have come to fruition recently are rather frighting to me.  

I didn't write this to offend ANYONE.  I plan on being very supportive of the President because he is my country's leader but I just needed to get my concerns out and after all isn't that what a blog is for.  

Thanks for listening.  

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