Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hey all.... we are still around. Cannon is just growing like a weed. It is crazy how fast things go once they hit the year mark. He is so intelligent I just cant believe it. he is now signing Milk, eat, please, dog, cracker, more, again, and mom (sort of) he is also now blowing Kisses. He is the spitting image of his daddy with the DANCING SKILLS of his mother! I will post the video below. Kris has been home for a couple of weeks and we are doing great. Still TTC again and it is going ok. I should know soon if we are prego again or not. I did my first Substitute job the other day for this school year and it was GREAT! It was for the group of 2nd graders I subbed for last year so I know the classroom and the teachers ways of doing things so that is good. The kids seem so big now that I have a baby. I will post a few new pictures here too.

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