Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Cannon Is one it's official...  We had a big party for him on Saturday and so many of our friends and family came to visit and celebrate with us.  Cannon says thanks by the way!  

He is growing and growing...  he is walking and talking and he now has 5 teeth.  We had his 1 year appointment today and he weighed in at 22lbs 14oz and was 30 1/2 inches tall.  He is finally out of the 95%for height and weight.  YEA!!!!  he is doing great.  He got his mmr and chickenpox vacines today and also his Hep A so that sucks cause now he has the sneezes and is still up at 9pm.  Daddy leaves for work again on Thursday but only for a few weeks hopefully!  Here are some pictures of the birthday party!  

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Lindsay said...

It looks like Cannon had a BLAST!! How fun! I wish we could've stayed for the whole time! It was really great to see you guys though, and see where you live! Congratulations on having a wonderful one year old!