Saturday, June 14, 2008

Ok so I lied I have not been good about keeping this up to date. OH WELL SUE ME!!! Today was very rough. Cannon woke up at 1 am with a temp of 100.0 and it kept going up the highest it got was 102.7 which for him is really very high. he normally runs about 97.5 so that is up there for the little guy.

Tomorrow is daddy's day and kris is at work in Alsaka so he won't be home for his first one. That sucks.

We have been getting ready for our family reunion trip to michigan at the end of the month.

Cannon finished his first swimming lessons yesterday and he is our little fish baby. he loves being in the water.

Went to my friend Lindsays supprise birthday party last weekend and boy was she supprised it was so fun. I love you linds!

One new picture for you all to see of bug in his swimming pool... this one blew away so we had to get him a new one.


Lindsay said...

Poor little guy! I hope he's feeling better now! What an angel you've got there, it was so much fun to see you guys! Sienna is sleeping with her Giselle that you gave her, she gave Curious George the boot- you are such a great long distance auntie! I love you lots!

D3Dianne said...

Hey this is Dianne @ Clark it was so nice to see all of you over the 4th! We had a great time, Cannon is so cute.