Friday, May 2, 2008

New to Blogs

Hey everyone we are new to this but thought it may be a great way to keep everyone in the loop about what is happening here in Colorado with the Brown Family.

Things are good, Kris is working in Utah and soon to be in Alaska. We miss him when he is gone but mostly we look forward to when he gets to come home. Cannon is getting so big. He is 8 months now and in the last 2 weeks he has gotten 2 teeth, stood on his own, started to walk with the couch, said "up" and "Hello", and is just all over the place. I just can't believe how stinking big he is now. He has such the personality he is just like his daddy; he is very easy going until he cant do something he wants to do then LOOK OUT!!! he is very determined. We take him in for his 9 month check up on the 15th of May so I will post his stats then.

That is about it for now. I will try really hard to put up at least a weekly update so check in and talk to you all soon!


crippli1 said...

Robin, Cannon is so stinkin' adorable!! Hope I get to meet him someday! I'm excited you're blogging on here now. I've not been able to get updates since i'm not longer on myspace! Glad to hear all is so well!


Lindsay said...

So glad that you're on blogspot! I'm over the myspace thing, and this is so much nicer because you don't have to be a member to be a part of it! Yay! BTW, Cannon is a cutie as always! Love ya!